Military Movers provide all materials to pack your household goods into SDDC approved cartons.  The furniture and large items are wrapped in extra thick moving blankets for maximum protection.  Our associates shrink wrap upholstered and fragile items to ensure their integrity and well being.  If you require special handling, just tell us and we will accommodate your request.  Our mission to keep you a satisfied and stress free family ----- regardless.


We carefully load everything into one of our air ride furniture moving vans.                                            


We drive the tractor trailer to your new location.  Your household goods are never out of Military Movers' possesion or control.  If necessary, storage is accomplished with minimum handling and always by the same team that packed and loaded you.

Delivering On Time 

Our team promises to make every pick-up and delivery on schedule.  The schedule is worked out between you and Gene of Military Movers.

Request our service by clicking on the "contact us" link or telephone us. for Scheduling Gene cell:410.382.3452

estimates and billing call Gene cell:410.382.3452

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